Saturday, October 7, 2017

central holiday conference for Ashkenazi communities

ודעה משמחת

בע"ה מחר יום ראשון יח תשרי יתקיים כנס חג מרכזי לקהילות אשכנז
באולם שע"י בית הכנסת "ישורון", רח' בן יעקב 25 בני ברק

מנחה - 6:00
דרשה מאת מוהר"ר בנימין שלמה המבורגר שליט"א - "הדייקנות בהלכה".
ערבית - 7:15
שירה וזמרה מניגוני אשכנז לאחר ערבית
סיום משוער - 8:30

הציבור מוזמן

בברכת "גוט מועד"


Tomorrow, Sunday, 18 Tishrei, there will be a central holiday conference for Ashkenazi communities
In the hall of the Yeshurun Synagogue, 25 Ben Yaakov St. Bnei Brak

Mincha - 6:00
Sermon by Rabbi Binyamin Shlomo Hamburger - "punctuality in Halakhah".
Singing and singing from Ashkenazi melodies maariv
Estimated end - 8:30

The public is invited

With the blessing of "Gott Moed"

Friday, June 30, 2017

No Minyan Tonight

I'm sorry for the late notice, but we will not have the Minhag Ashkenaz minyan tonight. And not only that but we will take a break for the summer as many members are taking vacations, going out of town etc. and it's getting too complicated ensuring that all the various pieces come together.

If you would like to resume in Elul or Tishrei please be in touch with me. We have had solid showings for each minyan we have held so we have enough interested people in theory to continue our monthly minyan. However, in general, it would be helpful if people could communicate with me more about their interest in the minyan and the various activities we try to arrange. Feedback is always welcome.

We are always looking for people who can lead the davening. Please let me know if you can do that or if you have a large apartment in which you can host the minyan when our regular location is unavailable or if you know of a shul with a spare room.

I hope you have enjoyed the minyanim we have held thus far. I know I have. There's nothing quite like a good Yekke davening.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


For those who haven't heard, there have been several reports of attempted kidnappings in Aleph, near Ayalon Park and Park Center. Seems to be a team, consisting of a man with longish hair and an older Asian women that dresses like a frum woman. They come out of a white car.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shavuous Day Drasha, 5:30-6:30 Aish Kodesh, Upstairs

Shavuous Day Drasha

From the Garden of Eden to the Desert of Sinai:
Tracing the path through tohu v'vohu to Matan Torah

by Rabbi Tzvi Abraham

Aish Kodesh
Upstairs, 5:30-6:30 PM

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

For men and women. There will be a mechitzah,, 058-324-0374

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Monthly Chaburah

We are organizing a Chaburah to be led by R' Tzvi Abraham of our minyan to study customs of Ashkenaz.  Meets on Shabbos day after our Friday night minyan of each Rosh Chodesh. 4 PM, at Maasas Mordechai. 1 hour in length.

The topic of the first shiur:  Birchos Hashachar

We will examine the order of the blessings as they are listed in the Gemara, Siddur Tefilas Yeshurun, the siddur of Nusach Ashkenaz Poland and siddurim of Chochmei Askenaz, and  then address a macholekes between Rav Amram Gaon and the Tur, bringing to bear the opinion of the Agur.  In the course of the discussion, we will cite Tosephos, Tosephos Harosh, and the Taz on the Tur, and examine interpretations of brochos in the Siddurim of the Rokeach and Yaakov Emden.   If there is time, we will consider the position of the Mishneh Brurah (Shulchan Aruch siman 46, sif 5) and whether it applies to Yekkim who daven nusach Ashkenaz Mesores Ashkenaz.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Adherence to Mesorah in Liturgy

"The Mesorah of the nefesh (soul), of experiencing God, is expressed in halachic terms by the Remo, who rules (אורח חיים תריט:א) that one may not alter the liturgy and tunes used by one’s congregation on the High Holidays. The liturgy and tunes employed by each community affect one’s emotional response to the High Holidays and constitute the Mesorah of the nefesh.Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

(A German-Jewish Chanukah in Upper Manhattan, Avraham Gordimer)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Group Trip: Kenes Kehilos Ashkenaz in Bene Brak - April 13 (Slight change - Leaving at 5:15 PM)

On Thursday, April 13, the second day of Chol Hamoed, BEIS HAKNESES OF GERMAN MINHAG in Bene Brak will hold a gathering that features a shiur by Rav Binyamin Hamburger and Ashkenaz chazanut. I went to the one last Succos and it was really enjoyable.

For those who don't know Rav Hamburger is a leading expert on German Jewish/Ashkneaz minhag. The shiur will be in Hebrew but Rav Hamburger, who will be available afterward, is fluent in English.


Mincho at 6:45 Maariv at 7:45 Shiur by Harav Hamburger between. Following Maariv the Kenes Kehilos Ashkenaz. 8:00-10:00


27 Ben Yacov St. Bnei Brak (This is a few hundred meters from the Coca Cola factory)

Our group will leave from the bus stop on Dolev in front of Maasas Mordechai at 5:15 PM.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Next Minyan Friday, April 28, Parshas Tazria

Friday, April 28, 2 Iyar
Mincha: 6:00, Kabbalas Shabbos: 6:20
(Sunset: 7:21)*

Location: Apartment on Noam St. Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Write for address or call 058-324-0374.

Check for up to date minyan status at

*According to Minhag Ashkenaz it is not necessary when taking Shabbos in early to daven mincha before plag.